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User Onboarding

Onboard your staff/employees


User Onboarding

This app is a digital tool for onboarding new personnel in organizations. It was created specifically for Business and HR units to solve the problem of communication between your new staff members and your organization’s departments. This app facilitates fusing new employees into the company’s processes fast and efficiently.

App has a separate interface for a staff member and a more advanced interface for a staff manager.

• Get your staff aboard!

Get your new staff onboarded quickly at your organization. The main goal of this app is to enable your team to start working comfortably as soon as possible.

• How it works

You assign onboarding tasks with simple instructions to your new staff members. All they have to do is send pre-configured requests to liable persons in your organizations from the app and then wait.

• Be notified!

When a staff member changes their task status, you get notified via push and see changes in real-time.

• Progress tracking

See the progress of the onboarding process and status changes of particular tasks for every staff member while keeping an eye on deadlines.

• See the graphs

The dashboard will show you the overall progress and weak spots of your onboarding process.

• Everyone in the cloud

Everything and everyone is synced in the cloud. Such a tight ligament enables you to help your staff members if someone else delays their onboarding.

By default, only 3 staff members can be added for free. This app uses in-app purchases to increase the quota for additional members.

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